We nurture the collective joy of learning and individual spirit within each child.

- D. Esther Swain, Founder


We nurture the collective joy of learning and individual spirit within each child.

- D. Esther Swain, Founder


the sense of community instantly experienced by new families upon entering Swain


students in
grades PS-8


average class size


acres of space to learn, explore, and compete


2020欧洲杯体育投注diversity of student body


school districts represented with transportation available


early morning drop off with after-school programs available through the evening


years of academic excellence. Accredited through the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools and Middle States Association

Virtual Community at a Time of Uncertainty

By Melissa Carroll

2020欧洲杯体育投注Growing up, I watched the Jetsons, a comical cartoon about a futuristic world where Elroy, a school-aged boy, attends Little Dipper School and interacts with robots, holograms, and space age conveniences. I never imagined until three months ago, we would be embracing a virtual world that is similar in so many ways. Faculty are developing…

Expect Amazing

By Karen Mitton

  Timing isn’t always everything, but I am trying so hard to focus on silver linings during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Sleep evaded me for much of last night (and those of you who know me well are laughing right now because you know that not much keeps me from my precious sleep!).  Some of my…

Celebrate Middle Level Education Month!

By Megan Franzyshen

As a Middle School Director, many people ask me why I love to work with early adolescents every day. My answer is so simple: they are amazing; correction – our Swain preadolescents are amazing. Because our community is dedicated to the implementation of research-based best practices, parent partnerships, and hands-on learning, our students develop as…

How has your experience at the Swain School helped prepare you for high school and beyond?

"Swain has truly made itself a second home for me, and when I leave I know I will look back on my time here fondly. I have met so many influential people, learned so many things, and made so many memories. I’ve built rockets and hot air balloons and memorized monologues and songs and enjoyed every minute of it...going into high school, I know I will keep with me all of the lessons I learned from the community at Swain, and that those people will always be in my heart."...Read More

-Amelia, graduating class of 2018

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